The GroutGleam Story so far...

We specialise in Grout Restoration and Recolouring services. We offer innovative grout and tile improvement services to both commercial and residential customers.  
Offering innovative solutions to everyday problems which include the following Grout Gleam Restoration Services: 
Grout Recolour
Grout Restoration
Shower Glass Restoration
Water and Oil Repellent Coating for Shower Glass, Tile and Grout
Silicone Removal and Replacement 

We are always working on new innovative everyday solutions to make life easier for our customers all the time watch this space....
We now have GroutGleam Approved Technicians working in Leinster, Munster, Connaught and Ulster. So please get in touch today to get your Grout restoration started.

GroutGleam Team Ireland

Leinster Area Approved Technicians

GroutGleam Approved Technician Kildare

Jamie Broughton

+353 87 246 7748

Home Reform Ireland

Dave Dalton

Approved Partner-Dublin North Fingal Area 


Approved Partner-Dublin North

GroutGleam Offaly Laois Westmeath

William Spollen

Approved Technician


GroutGleam Kilkenny

James Kavannagh

Approved Technician

GroutGleam Approved Technician

Tony Byas

+353 85 251 3871

Munster Area Approved Technicians

Home Solutions Ireland

Sean Durnin

Approved Partner- Cork City North and South and Kerry


Home Reform Limerick

Brian Murphy

Approved Partner-Limerick


Approved Partner-Limerick

Connaught Area Approved Technicians

Currently looking for interested parties to offer our services in the Connaught area


Ulster Area   Approved Technicians

GroutGleam Donegal

Patrick Patton

Approved Technician

+353 86 402 6962

GroutGleam Belfast

Joe Duffy

Approved Technician

07933 650590



GroutGleam Ireland-General Enquiries

Glenda Boyle



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Mon-Fri (8am-6pm)
Sat (9am-4pm)

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