Welcome to the GroutGleam Revolution. Don't be fooled by the name, GroutGleam take care of more than just grout problems.
We currently offer five core services and will shortly be rolling out further groundbreaking, undiscovered services that take care of many previously unsolvable problems around the home and your premises.
A rapidly growing network of exclusive GroutGleam Approved Technicians offer these fast, effective, hassle free and affordable solutions. 
Our Core Services include:
Grout Restore
Glass, Tile and Grout Protective Coatings
Shower Glass Restore and Coating
Granite and Wood Repairs

Our Story
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The GroutGleam Revolution is coming to Ireland. We are a new business offering innovative services.  We are launched in January 2019. 

Offering innovative solutions to everyday problems which include the following Grout Gleam Restoration Services:

Water and Oil Repellent Coating for Shower Glass, Tile and Grout

Grout Recolour

Grout Restoration

Shower Glass Restoration

Granite Worktop Repair

Wood Flooring Repair

We are always working on new innovative everyday solutions to make life easier for our customers all the time watch this space....

We now have GroutGleam approved Technicians working in Leinster and Ulster. So please get in touch today to get your Grout restoration started.

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Latest News

Check out our video above it is our latest service recolouring grout service which our exclusive territory owners can offer to customers. Get in touch today to find out how you can offer our services to your customers

Territories still available for self employed GroutGleam Approved Technicians

Checkout one of our latest GroutGleam success stories from this article from one of our territory owners... https://civvystreetmagazine.co.uk/tag/groutgleam/   Get in touch now to hear about our exciting, lucrative and low entry cost business opportunity..

Get in touch today to secure your territory for our new and exciting GroutGleam Revolution in Ireland.

Meetings currently being held in Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connaught with possible new territory owners.

Exciting news to report we now have an approved technician working the Kildare area in Leinster. Jamie Broughton has joined our team and is ready and waiting to get your Grout Gleaming.Contact us today to get your free no-obligation quotation....

GroutGleam Team Ireland

Leinster Area Approved Technicians

Jamie Broughton

GroutGleam Kildare

Approved Technician

+353 87 246 7748


Gary Malone

Area Developer

GroutGleam Wexford



Munster Area Approved Technicians

Connaught Area Approved Technicians

Ulster Area Approved Technicians

Glenda Boyle

Master Licensee

North West

GroutGleam Ireland




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