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RecolourKing Launches in Ireland February 2020

ReColourKing is the umbrella brand for a number of specialist, niche property improvement services.

Currently, this includes our flagship brand ‘GroutGleam®’, already rolled out in over 60 UK territories and 12 Ireland Territories, which specialises in the recolouring of grout for tiled areas (plus other related services).

And launching early 2020 is another service called WorkTopFX, a revolutionary way of transforming worktop and counter areas for customers that are looking for something both bespoke and creative. Our specialist compounds and techniques can realistically emulate stone, marble and metallic effects along with many other creative styles – the possibilities are unlimited.

Closely following soon will be two other branded services, one specialising in the recolouring of kitchen furniture and the other in external UPVC windows recolouring.

All our services tap into current trends whereby people want to make improvements and enhancements to their properties, but without the fuss and expense of total refits. 

GroutGleam Business Opportunity:

The new GroutGleam PLUS service we are adding to our portfolio is set to be a game changer, we are confident it will generate numerous enquiries – see our latest video. The feedback following our test marketing was fantastic!

We’ve always known our business opportunity offered fantastic value for money with exceptionally low-level entry costs and numerous benefits, such as including enough stock to recoup some of  your investment. And now we’ve made our proposition even more compelling by adding a new HIGH DEMAND service without increasing your cost of entry.

GroutGleam now offer 5 core services, each one is NEW, lucrative, low cost, and specialist in their field and we seek those with the desire and motivation to run their own business. For a modest sign-up fee and low fixed monthly fee, we will provide you with a turnkey business, training, support and help to start your marketing  campaign in your designated area to help keep those tools busy. We are actively creating a nationwide network of approved, trained technicians for our growing portfolio of services.

The 4 Core Services:

Service 1

GroutGleam PLUS is a new service imminently launching to ROI and UK consumers for the first time. Look at our video and see just how quickly a floor and/or wall area can be transformed with a complete grout restoration service including a colour change.

Our GroutGleam PLUS service offers the most popular, stylish colours, which when fully cured permanently seals the grout to help protect against mould, mildew and staining.

GroutGleam PLUS can restore the dirtiest, damaged and ugly grout to a new look finish. This process will permanently colour and seal the grout to make the grout look as good as the day it was installed. Our product is safe and simple to use, this unique formula allows for easy application by the GroutGleam professionals.

Service 2

The Original GroutGleam Service includes a range of new, exceptionally effective tools that simplify the process of restoring tile grout to its former beauty, returning it to almost ‘as new’ condition.

GroutGleam offers clients, both commercial and domestic, a hassle-free opportunity to save themselves money, avoid downtime and restore their existing grout avoiding costly re-grouting and re-tiling.

Unlike traditional grout cleaning methods often relying on chemicals and huge amounts of elbow grease with limited effect, GroutGleam is a reliable, relatively effortless, fast mechanical process that is both affordable to the customer and profitable for our technicians.

Think domestic bathrooms, kitchens, flooring. Think super quick turn arounds for the rental market. Think cheap freshen up for the property seller. Think hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and event venues. Think €€€€.

Service 3

Shower Glass Restoration. Almost two thirds of the Ireland population reside in hard water areas. This causes limescale and hard water deposits to build up in wet areas which are particularly visible on shower glass. We have specially formulated compounds optimised to remove ingrained hard water stains, restoring shower glass to like new condition. This then presents a perfect opportunity to upsell our next service.

Service 4

Glass, Tile & Grout All-in-One Water/Oil Repellent Coating. Once we have restored the grout and removed the hard water stains from the shower glass doesn’t it make sense to protect the surface from future staining and discolouring? And wouldn’t it be great if by protecting the surface it would make future cleaning super easy, just a quick wipe. This is what we offer, an all-in-one, efficient, invisible coating that uniquely acts as a barrier on all 3 substrates (glass, tile and grout) repelling water and oil deposits.

As you can see there are many revenue streams open to the GroutGleam service.

GroutGleam is suitable for the hands-on operator as well as the entrepreneur looking to exploit and maximise the opportunity. Little overheads, no premises required, can be operated from home making this opportunity all the more appealing. And the low entry costs will also appeal especially for the early adopters, our pioneers!

We offer the flexibility of working either hands-on or as a management operation with a choice of 3 tiers.

  • GroutGleam Approved Technicians are typically hands on operators and have a single territory with an initial investment of just €5500, while potential earnings are €1,000+ per week.
  • GroutGleam Business Developer is a mix of hands on and hands off territory management, enjoying a double size territory. 
  • GroutGleam Area Director is a hands-off territory management role, enjoying a triple size territory. 

The GroutGleam Opportunity

This opportunity is fresh, new, exciting, on trend and ready to be exploited. Our exceptionally connected management team have many years combined experience in sourcing innovative, problem-solving, sometimes jaw dropping solutions from around the globe, many of which never see the light of day in Ireland. We will continue to find these products and evolve as the forerunner of the repair, restore and prevent service industry.

Business Opportunity

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