The GroutGleam Water & Oil Repellant Coatings

Everyone knows that grout is porous and will absorb water, oils and fatty deposits, over time leading to discolouration and potentially mould and mildew deposits. Not everyone realises that many tiles are porous as well, and, albeit at a slower rate, will experience the same issues as grout.


Shower glass whilst technically not porous is not as flat and smooth as it feels. Under microscope there will be 'peaks and valleys' in the surface on a nano level. When showering you will see the water clinging to the glass in places, this is where there are 'valleys.' Over time this is likely to lead to limescale and hard water staining which can be exceptionally hard to remove.


GroutGleam have an all-in-one industrial strength hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that uniquely works on glass, tile and grout. The nano scale coating forms an invisible barrier on the surface of all 3 substrates repelling water, oil and fatty deposits. The results are visible, you will notice the water no looking clings to the surface, after showering all that remains are a few beads of water which can be simply wiped away with a microfibre cloth, making future cleaning super simple and quick.


The perfect time for our Approved Technician to apply the coating is immediately after the GroutGleam service as the grout surface is primed for our sealant.


Don't be fooled by the 'coatings and sealants' available on the high street, the performance of some may work for just a few weeks. Remember ours are industrial strength and are designed with performance, endurance and longevity in mind.

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"My life is so much easier since you applied the water repellant seal in my en-suite shower area, it really is so easy and quick to clean. I want you back for the family bathroom please."  Mrs Dunn

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