Granite Worktop and Wood Flooring Repair Compounds‚Äč

Your granite worktop is probably your pride and joy in your kitchen. How would you feel about a chip in the surface? 
The hassle, mess and COST to replace a run of stone is immense. Or how about that wonderful, feature wooden flooring - a scratch, a gouge. What do you do?


We can offer the next best solution to a replacement. We have 6 coloured compounds that can be applied and mixed together to create several colours, tints and effects to restore the chip, the scratch or the gouge. Cured by ultraviolet light the result is fast, effective yet exceptionally affordable. 

Customers Review

"After changing our kitchen within a month we had chipped our granite worktop. The kitchen is in constant use and the chip was always in view. Now, only I know where it was, no one else knows. Thank you. Thoroughly recommended."  J Morris

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