Grout Restoration

Appearances do count…

…whether you are running a busy home or commercial premises such as a hotel, B&B, rental property or retail establishment; if you’ve got tiled surfaces, a build up of stains on silicone, grout, tiles and glass are an inevitable problem.

Yet nobody wants their home or premises to look dirty or unhygienic – appearances do count. But at the same time, nobody wants to spend a fortune on retiling or regrouting.

NEW TO IRELAND, there is now a cost-effective and practical solution.


The Problem

Tiled floors and walls can have their appearance ruined by unsightly grout lines and mouldy silicone. Grout is naturally porous and absorbs water, soap, urine, oil, body fats and the dirt on our shoes. This leads to discolouration and the formation of dirt, mould, mildew and an all-round grubby/tired look. Whilst you may be able to remove the above surface mould, it is rare the original, natural colour will return.

GroutGleam – Our Solution

The GroutGleam secret is in the tools. The tool is designed to remove the very slightest skim from the top surface, the dirty layer, thus taking away the dirt, any discolouration, mould and mildew, leaving an exposed fresh clean grout line. We then use the GroutGleam Sealant Pen to seal and protect the grout surface. Simple

Customer Review:

"perfect results and professional service. My tiles look like new again"

John Devenney

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