A sealant/coating service to protect your shower glass.

Shower Glass Restoration

Many areas of Ireland suffer from hard water. Over time this frequently leads to staining of surfaces, most noticeably on shower glass. These limescale deposits and hard water stains can eventually work their way into the glass making cleaning seemingly impossible.


Our Approved Technicians, using a specially formulated compound that has been optimised for precisely this issue, can restore your shower glass to almost new condition.


If we carry out this service for you, we strongly recommend you consider our sealant/coating service to protect the shower glass and prevent the same issue from reoccurring.

Customers View

"I was sceptical, I had tried everything. No end of scrubbing with anything I could find in the supermarket and online wouldn't touch the hard water stains on our screen. The technician that came even agreed it was bad however in less than an hour our shower screen looked how it did when we had our bathroom replaced five years ago. Thank you so much. I want the grout cleaned next!" Mrs DaSilva

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